CPD Training for Dentists at UCL’s Eastman Dental Institute on 22 June 2016

The Eastman Institute are holding a series of CPD lectures making up a course entitled ‘Financial management for the General Dental Practice’

Our Hugo Barton will be giving a seminar on Thinking of Buying and Selling a Practice?

which shall include discussion on and interactive learning:

  • Assets making up a General Dental Practice
  • TUPE and staff
  • associates and hygienists are they employees
  • GDS contracts and Issues
  • Matters to look for as a Buyer
  • Warranties you should look for as a Buyer
  • Top Tips! where you can save money
  • Commercial Property Tips! Are Renewable Leases really renewable?
  • Tips for Negotiation of Heads of Terms and during the transaction itself

The course is now available to book through Health England’s Ewisdom website.

  1. Unless your company is limited by shares you will not be able to have dividends!
  2. Many Businesses ignore obtaining properly drafted website Terms and Conditions which can leave your Business exposed to unnecessary claims!
  3. Many consultants or associates are not in fact self-employed and great care needs to be taken as to the ‘control’ you have over their work! Too much control of the relationship can result in you being an employer and the implications that follow…such as incurring pension rights!

Who can own a Dental Body Corporate?

It has now been over a decade that dentists can run a dental company or a Dental Body Corporate (DBC). We are commonly asked what proportion of dental shareholders (i.e. registered dentist or a dental care provider) have to be involved?

Well the answer is none!

This allows dental companies to be a potentially attractive vehicle for non-dental investors.

This has to be tempered by the fact that the legislation requires that a majority of the Directors have to be dental(i.e. registered dentist or a dental care provider).

It is advisable for a Shareholder’s Agreement to be entered into at the DBC formation to set out the shareholder and director obligations. This is confidential and should hopefully avoid dispute later.

A Cross Option is also an invaluable tool to consider at the same time to cover the critical illness or death of a party and use life policies to ‘cover’ these circumstances.



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